New Single “Frank” OUT NOW

So excited for “Frank” to finally be out in the world. Been playing this song live for a couple years now and it’s the one people really love to hear. It’s sort of a coming of age tale, lyrically and in creation. The single was recorded at Henley Row with producers and Boston music scene veterans, Dan Nicklin and Nate Leavitt, with the song being mixed by Pat Dicenso. Nate was my guitar teacher, starting when I was only 8 years old. We’ve maintained a relationship for over 10 years, with Nate being a great guide and mentor to me. From early recordings of impromptu jams, followed by demoing my earliest songs, to the crafting of “Frank,” Nate has watched me grow and mature as a musician and a person. This journey culminated with Leavitt’s work on “Frank,” playing bass, perfecting vocal lines, and co-producing with Dan. Also have a video out made by the amazing Carissa Johnson of Fuel Heart Productions. So excited for this song to be out in the world,

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